Wedding Invitation Wordings to Inculcate 

Wedding Invitation Wordings to Inculcate

Wedding planning is an exciting, tedious and a lengthy task. One major part of the wedding planning process is planning the wedding invitation wordings to imbibe. Here are some valuable tips on what wordings should be inculcated in your wedding invitation.  

Informative wedding invitation

You can design the most beautiful invitations but they’ll be of no use to your guests and friends if important information is not rendered by them. The wordings of a party invitation have limitless possibilities; however some important elements should be present in every wedding invitation. Important details such as the names of the engaged couple, date and time of the party, venue of the party and RSVP information should be clearly mentioned. Do not include the wedding registry information on your invite. Bold, italics or underline should be used to highlight the necessary details. 

Mention the name of the hosts

Mention the name of the hosts of the wedding in the host line. This is important because it will inform your guests about whom to thank at the end of the party. A simple way of mentioning the name of the hosts is by beginning your invitation with, “Mr & Mrs XYZ invite you to the wedding of…” 

Mention the name of the guests

A great way to make guests feel special and important is by addressing them with their names. This will easily personalize the wedding invitation card. Keep the whole format same and just change the name for every guest. 

Include pictures in your invite

A great way to personalize and enliven the wedding invitation card is by including picture from your engagement party or bachelor party. This would serve as a great memory to your guests and friends even after the wedding is over. 

Wedding theme

A wedding invite is probably the first thing that your guests will come in contact with. It is like a window to your whole wedding. Make sure that you design the wedding invite according to the theme of your wedding so that the guests know in advance what to expect. 

Mention the dress code

Many couples these days are setting up a dress code for their big day. Make sure that you mention the dress code for men and women clearly in your wedding invitation. Also mention the dress code for children, if any. 

Fancy wordings

While traditional formal wedding invitations are classic and evergreen, you can always give them a twist by inculcating fancy wordings on your wedding card. This will easily make your wedding invitations interesting without weighing heavily on your wedding budget. 

Get Creative

When it comes to a wedding party invite there are no rules, so get creative! The days of formal cards with a white paper and golden font have gone. Cool, funky and innovative cards are totally in and happening these days. Ring shaped or cake-shaped cards are perfect ideas for a wedding party invitation. In the era of conservation, you can also go paperless and use e-cards or balloon cards. A great thing about e-cards is that they can easily be personalized and are cost-effective. 


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