Wedding Invitations and Styling of Cards  

Wedding Invitations and Styling of Cards

The wedding planning includes the selection and printing invitation cards also as it is your guests' first look at your wedding ceremony. Wedding Cards informs the location, time of day, and formality of wedding. It includes name of the bride, groom, their parents and contact details.

Style of Invitation card

The wedding invitations will show your wedding colors and a motif for a continuous theme throughout event planning of wedding on the ceremony programs, menu cards and on escort cards. The classic choice of formal wedding invitations will use white card stock paired with gold or black font.

Invites could be brightened by use of vibrant colors. The traditional rectangular card with size of a 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch is preferred. Several wedding websites offer trendy new format for invites, stationery and designs. The invitations could be expensive. It may become tricky to compare the fair prices with respect to quality and detail required. It is advised that hosts compare the costs of various suppliers on wedding websites for fair deals. The vendors offer several free amenities.

Printing the Wedding Cards

 It should be remembered that it takes time to print the invitations. It will take anything from two to three weeks, or it may take as much as six weeks. Add one week or two weeks to address the envelopes. The return address should be printed, unless you want to hand-write hundreds of the same address, and take time to make sure the same person hand-writes the front and back of the envelope. You must arrange for at least two other people to read the proofs from the designer or printer. Don't count on yourself to be the only proofreader, as you probably have memorized some of the information and may skip over a typing error. The traditional hosts may prefer classic invitations, featuring a white cotton cardstock with black, gold or silver lettering that appears simple and elegant. The bold-colored ribbons or colored embellishments have negative effects on wedding invitations. When you try to squeeze too much onto the invitation card, it can make it harder to read. The things like directions to your wedding venue and details about post-wedding activities can be given on your wedding website or can be printed on separate enclosure cards. 

Arriving at number of invites

You are not expected to send invitation for all the guests. Have a glance at your guest list and zero in on how many homes require invitations. Then decide the number and give it to your stationer. The cohabiting couples can be given one invitation. The couples living apart can be given one invite to the guest you're closer with. You can send one invite to families which get one invitation and addressed to, for example "The Walter Family". Then remember to club together each couple or family as one invitation so that over order can be avoided. It is your choice whether to make wedding invitations or wedding announcements, or both together. 


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