Wedding Lollies That Children Specially Can Frown Upon 

Wedding Lollies That Children Specially Can Frown Upon

Wedding favours for guests is something every host plans and gives personally. This represents the host’s gratitude to the guest for attending and spending time with them during the wedding. Children also form a sizeable number on the wedding and actually make the place lively with their games and activities. The hosts also plan wedding favours like candy bars or chocolate bars for the children attending the marriage. Generally, the most chosen are branded chocolate bars or lollies to be given to all the children playing around the wedding venue.

Choices galore for wedding favours

A varied range of offerings are available for wedding chocolates, wedding mints and chocolate wedding favours. Some of the popular choices are –

  • Fruity drops in single colours with different colours
  • Red heart lollies of different flavours
  • Lemon flavoured sherbets
  • Crystal mints
  • Mixed fruit lollies

Apart from distributing to children, these wedding favours are also a popular choice to hand over to adults in the weddings and placing on tables spread across the buffet. Guests would like to pick up a chocolate or lolly or a toffee during their conversations with other guests or hosts.

Personalize the offerings

Though many hosts may prefer to distribute the popular choices of lollies and chocolates available in market, an increasing trend is observed who are preferring to personalize the wedding favours. The first choice to personalize is candy bar wrappers. These wrappers can be personalized to have the below details on them –

  • Thank you note to the guest
  • Event details – like birthday, baby shower, wedding etc.
  • Date and venue of event

Some popular chocolate brands like Hershey’s have started providing personalized candy wrappers where the wrapper design can be designed as per the host. This is a combination of personalized wedding wrapper and the required taste and product. The benefit to resort to popular brands is that such companies ensure natural colours and flavours are used thus ensuring edible wedding favours.

Personalized candy wrappers for all occasions

The personalized candy wrappers can be unique and fun for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, birth announcements and any such sweet and memorable occasions. The products are professionally designed and printed on high quality printers which leave a special and unique feeling to the guests receiving them. Miniature candy bars with personalized wrappers can be scattered across tables during weddings or parties.

The different options for customization are – colours, fonts, wrapper colours and pictures. Many standard designs are available in the internet and can be used. The designs can be viewed after personalizing them and any changes can be done to suit the customer’s choice. Another popular choice is to design our own personalized candy wrapper and get it printed directly.

Apart from the wrapper, the chocolate can be customized in terms of shape, size, message or words on the chocolate. These are useful for one to one special offerings with unique message on each chocolate. This kind of customization leaves a special and long lasting feeling to the guest receiving it. This option is mostly preferred for special events like baby birth or baby shower etc.


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