Wedding Make Up Tips To Look Pretty And Stylish 

Wedding Make Up Tips To Look Pretty And Stylish

Getting ready for a wedding is a time taking and killing activity. And when it comes to ladies, they take their own time in getting dressed. There is no point in blaming them, because they need a good solid time for getting neatly dressed with good make up. This is because of the fact that they are at the central stage of attraction in wedding hall. 
Important things in a wedding which takes time 
There are two important things in which girls spend a lot of their time, energy, money and patience. The first is when they choose the wedding gown in the wedding shop and the second is when they sit for the bridal make up in the wedding hall. For them both are very important and they would spend whatever they want.
Most of the time girls get confused on what sort of make up to put, should it be heavy, should it be neat and tidy, should be dashing, should it be simple and so on. In order to address all these doubts here we provide the best tips for bridal make up which would complement the bridal dress or the wedding gowns. 

Clean you face nicely – make sure that you apply good lotion and clean your face before starting the makeup. This will make the makeup stay long in your skin. 

Always start with the foundation - A foundation for your skin is very important before you choose to get into the ethics of bridal make up. Understand your skin colour and apply skin care before using all other cosmetics. Use a good skincare lotion to protect your skin and also to make the bridal make up stay long. Remember you need to stand for thousands of photos and you need the make up to stay until your wedding ends. 

Choose the best liner – a best small liner can make your eyes look neat and attractive. Don’t use heavy liner and it can spoil your eyes. 

Make sure that you take utmost care in not spoiling your wedding dress during make up

Give the make up the feel of your wedding gown, that is the make up on you face should complement your dress. So be conservative on feathery lashes and groomed brows.

Use the perfect lipstick, make sure to you smile option when the makeup is being applied such that the cream enters all the pores of your skin. 
Choose a skilled make up team for your wedding 
There are plenty of bridal makeup artist available in the market and you can book them at affordable cost if you feel you cannot do justice to the make up by yourself. They come with a set skill which will take in consideration of all the needs of the wedding arrangement while doing make up. They will make sure that your make up suits your wedding gowns, wedding shoes and your skin. So the best thing to do is to book them and sit and enjoy. 


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