Wedding Mistake- Do Not Have Enough Food on the Buffet Line 

Wedding Mistake- Do Not Have Enough Food on the Buffet Line

Out of several possible mistakes, which are committed unintentionally, the commonest error in wedding is lack of appropriate estimation of the food prepared and the served. To avoid the disaster of not having yummy food for the guests, a special consideration is mandatory while planning your wedding food. How does it sound to you if you don’t have enough food left for your guests and the situation proves disgusting, rather embarrassing, As no guest would have so big time to wait for the food to recook and then get it for them. The catering of the wedding require following to ponder upon keenly before the situation of no food distresses:

- Try to arrange the wedding company serve the food to the guests, as it would lead to equal and required amount of the food to dispense, rather wasting for no reason. The children can be truly benefited of not taking the undesired meals. Moreover, if someone wants a larger portion, they can always come back for a second when everyone has had a plate.

- If the wedding budget does not allow you to have more varieties of the cuisines, then try sticking on one kind of the menu of choice, rather than having varying varieties of the food and getting no food at the end. The guests can be pleased with anything compatible with their taste and the climate. The popular food in vogue can fulfill all the requirement.

- Always ensure that the catering company prepares extra food in case of no food at the tables. This idea of cooking and keeping aside 10 % of the meal would help catering those guests who go back for few seconds.

- Generally, all the guests of the wedding want to taste all the kind of meal displayed. Whereas, in case of the buffet style of the meals, the guests have to choose among the several possible varieties. 

- Instead of making the guests choose between the two, having the catering company make smaller portions, but enough to feed all the guests.


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