Wedding Music - Before, During And After 

Wedding Music - Before, During And After

Music forms a very important part of every wedding ceremony. Whether it is the entry of the bride or the final farewell of the newly married couple, music helps in setting the right mood for every special moment in the wedding. Therefore, it is important that you hire the best band to play the best music at your wedding. However, along with making the right decision about hiring a good wedding band for the ceremony, you also need to make sure that the songs that they play during the various wedding ceremonies are conducive to the occasion, surrounding areas and the tastes of the wedding guests. 

Following are some suggestion that will help you in selecting the most special songs for the various ceremonies at a wedding, in accordance with the wedding theme: 


This is the music that accompanies the bride as she enters the wedding venue for the ceremony. It is important that this song should have a royal feel to it. Even before the bride enters the venue, there is music that is being played just keep the guests entertained. Therefore, this song should be such that the guests come to know that something special is about to happen and all their eyes turn immediately towards the gate expecting the princess to enter the venue. 

Cocktail Hour Music

The cocktail hour is the time after the wedding ceremonies have completed and the reception ceremony is about to begin. Generally, people like to sit around and chat during this time and therefore a soft music should be chosen which can play in the background, but not disturb the guests in their conversations. 

Reception Songs

The reception marks the celebration of the holy union of the bride and the groom and therefore, the songs selected for this occasion should be full of energy and party songs. 

The First Dance Of The Bride And The Groom

The first dance of the bride and the groom as a married couple is a very special dance for both of them and therefore, the song selected for this purpose should also be extremely special. In most of the instances, the bride and the groom, themselves select the song for their first dance and usually this song is either their favorite song or has some emotional connect with them. However, if the bride and the groom do not have a personal first dance song, then a very romantic number should be chosen for this dance. 

Family Dance

In many instances, the families of the bride and the groom like to perform on special songs during the reception ceremony, wishing the couple a happy married life. They may have prepared these dances on specific songs which can be played, or songs which convey best wishes should be played for them to perform on. These songs tend to have an emotional touch to them, especially the songs selected for the bride


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