Wedding Ring Inscriptions 

Wedding Ring Inscriptions

A wedding ring is considered to be the object which symbolizes unending love and devoted commitment between the couple. Be it the wedding rings or the wedding bands, they serve as a constant reminder of the promise which the couple makes on their day of engagement. Exchanging wedding rings is considered not just a tradition but also a celebration which marks the beginning of the coming wedding life.  Wedding ring shopping is not an easy task. A perfect wedding ring is the one which is unique, comfortable to wear, of the preference of your partner, of good quality, and suitable for your budget.

Wedding Ring Inscriptions

Most of the wedding ring engravings traditionally comprise of inscriptions like the date of your wedding or the names of you and your partner. In order to add a more special and sentimental appeal to your wedding ring, you can personalize the wedding ring inscriptions based on your choice, like may be a personal message for your partner as a show of love can be a good wedding ring inscription idea. 

Types of Wedding Ring Engravings

Wedding ring engravings can be done in two ways. These are by machine or by hand. Power driven engravers are used to carry out machine engravings on the rings. In order to engrave the inscriptions, these power driven engravers make use of templates of the letters. The metal is spread to create the required letter. The quality of inscription is very fine and well defined in case of machine engraving. The drawback with this method is that as they work off of the templates there are only limited options available for the wordings of the wedding ring inscriptions. The machine engraving options is more affordable than other options.

To carry out ring engraving with hand, a miniature chisel is used, which is called a “graver”. The graver is easily available in a wide range of shapes and hence, the engraver gets the freedom of creating different looks and unique intricate designs on the wedding ring. 

Wedding Ring Inscription Ideas

You can select from a variety of wedding ring inscription ideas available at the jewelers or can even suggest your own personalized message or symbol to be inscribed on your wedding ring. Some of the most loved wedding ring inscription ideas are suggested below:

  • Always and forever one
  • Love you my sweetheart
  • You are my Lucky Charm
  • My love dove
  • Till death do us apart
  • We are one
  • This is what love is all about
  • Cheers to our new life
  • My Soul mate
  • My Best friend
  • Mine Forever
  • God’s Wish Come True
  • This is love
  • This is new life
  • Bless O Lord This Ring
  • Always By your side
  • Always with you


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