Wedding Rituals of Uttarakhand 

Wedding Rituals of Uttarakhand

There is an unbroken relation between Indian weddings and rituals. It is almost impossible to imagine about a marriage in India without proper social practices. Since India is a land of different types of states, here you can find out endless options in terms of celebrating weddings. Uttarakhand is one of the Indian states known for their distinct marriage practices. Whether it is about celebrating pre-wedding ceremonies or post-wedding rituals, Uttarakhand marriages come with distinct attributes. Do you want to know more about wedding rituals of Uttarakhand? If yes, then you must keep reading this article on marriages in India. 

Key Wedding Rituals Performed in Uttarakhand Marriage 

However, this Indian state is known for celebrating weddings of different religions, but here we are concentrating only on Hindu marriages. Basically, the land is dominated by ethnic Gorkha and Kumouni communities. Therefore, all the rituals performed in an Uttarakhand marriage are designed according to culture of these communities. Let’s have a detailed look at some of the key wedding rituals performed in a marriage in Uttarakhand. 

Sending Outfits for Bride and Groom

It is certainly the most basic ritual performed usually most of the traditional marriages in Uttarakhand. In this custom, families of bride and groom send different types of wedding outfits to future-couple. The ritual is done to make the relationship more solid, comfortable and stronger than ever before. Here one point should be noted that bride’s family sends outfits to groom. On the other hand, groom’s family sends bridal outfits to the home of bride.

Traditional Ring Ceremony 

When it comes to talk about rituals performed in marriages, importance of ring ceremony can’t be neglected. The same situation can also be witnessed when it comes to perform rituals in Uttarakhand marriage. There are various versions of performing this social practice. One of the most popular ring ceremony versions is the direct ring changing between the bride and groom. 

Family Rituals 

It is a known fact that marriage doesn’t only mean relation between two individuals but between two different families. In order to strengthen relationships, several types of family rituals are performed in an Uttarakhand marriage. The main motto behind performing different types of family rituals is to create love between two families and of course two individuals.

Religion-oriented Practices 

There is a great relation between religions and marriages in India. Whether it is about Hindu marriages or Muslim marriages, you aren’t supposed to eliminate religion and religious rituals out of a wedding. Therefore, if you want to witness real wedding in Uttarakhand, you first need to focus on religious practices performed in various Kumouni and Garhwali marriages.

Teach Couples How to Face Problems in Life

Apart from aforementioned usual social practices, there are a few rituals performed to teach newlywed couple to learn how to face problems in life. If you want to learn how to sort out problems in your marriage, you need to closely witness a few most fundamental rituals in Uttarakhand marriages. In such a ritual, bride and groom are given a problem to solve. However, the problem is nothing else but a fun activity, but it helps learning how to fix marriage problems together. 


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