Wedding Roses - A Perfect Choice for Every Nice Couple 

Wedding Roses - A Perfect Choice for Every Nice Couple

Fresh flowers are closely related to weddings. No wedding can be complete without flowers. Be it for the simple purpose of decorating the wedding venue or for completing a religious ceremony, these flowers are used for various purposes in a wedding. There are many different flowers which are used in weddings, but amongst all the flowers, roses are considered to the best choice. These roses are available in many different colors and each color of the rose represents certain emotions. 

Some of the colors of roses and their related emotions have been discussed below:


Yellow is believed to be the color of friendship. It also represents joy. There are many Hindu traditions where use of yellow flowers is considered to be auspicious. For these ceremonies, yellow roses can be a good choice. However, in most of the weddings these yellow roses are used for the purpose of decoration. The yellow color of these roses blends in well with many other colors and therefore, makes a good choice for decorating the wedding venue. 


Lavender roses represent enchantment or love at first sight. These roses help in giving the entire wedding a classy and elegant look. Roses of these colors make the bouquets, carried by the brides or her bridesmaids, look very pretty. 


Pink is the color of love and appreciation. By using these roses, you would be able to give your wedding a poetic feel. Roses of this color are also preferred by grooms for gifting to their brides as a symbol of love. Although the red roses are considered to the best choice, but even the pink roses communicate the love of the groom for the bride in an apt manner.


White is the color of purity and spirituality. Although as per the Indian tradition, use of white color in weddings is prohibited, in the case of the western weddings, these white roses are used extensively in the weddings. From venue decoration to the bridal bouquets, these white roses are used in every aspect of the weddings in the west. 


Orange roses represent the desire or passion and hence make a good choice for the proposal. These orange flowers are a mix of the yellow and red colors which represent friendship and love, and therefore, make a perfect choice for the proposal where you want to take your friendship to the next level. 


Love and romance are defined by the red roses. All around the globe, these roses have become the best way of communicating your love for someone. Even during the weddings, these red roses hold a very special place. They are used not just in the bridal bouquets or decoration of the wedding venue, but these flowers are also considered to be auspicious and hence used in many wedding rituals. 

Roses are the most loved flowers and their beauty helps in communicating the emotions of a person in the best possible manner. No matter in which part of the world you are attending a wedding, you will surely find roses being an important part of that wedding. 


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