Wedding Rules That Should Be Broken 

Wedding Rules That Should Be Broken

There are numerous traditions which are being carried forward as far as weddings are concerned. There is a prescribed way the wedding ceremonies have to be conducted, the way wedding guests and in-laws have to be invited for the wedding and treated during the wedding and many other similar rules have been laid down, which are being followed blindly even today. However, there are some brides and grooms who have taken it upon themselves to break these rules. 

Some of the wedding rules, where the bride and the groom have it upon themselves to engage in breaking rules have been discussed below:

Bride’s Parents Pay for the Wedding

Since ages this has been the tradition, where the burden of the wedding arrangement falls on the head of the parents of the bride alone. However, this is fast changing and with both the bride and the groom becoming financially independent are choosing to together fund their weddings and not taking any financial help from their parents. Even if funds are sought from parents, then both the bride’s as well as the groom’s parents are asked to contribute towards the wedding expenses. It is no more the sole responsibility of the bride’s parents. 

Invite Every Guest with Family

Gone are the days when the marrying couple wanted to gather the largest possible crowd to witness their wedding. More and more couples now prefer to hold the wedding in front of only those people who really mean something in their life. Therefore, instead of inviting everyone with a partner or their entire family, couples are choosing to send out invitations for single persons as well. Therefore, if you wish to invite someone from your office, whose family you have never met before, there is absolutely no need for you to go ahead and invite the whole family of this colleague to your wedding, you can simply send out the invitation for just your co-worker. 

Wear Traditionally Accepted Style for Your Wedding Dress

There are certain dresses which have been accepted as the perfect style for wedding dresses. The color and style of these dresses have been followed since ages and therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult for the brides to look different and special at their wedding, wearing these traditional wedding dresses. As a result, many brides have shunned these traditional dresses and are opting for new and latest styles for their wedding gowns. 

Do See Each Other On the Wedding Day Prior To the Ceremony

It is believed that if the bride and the groom see each other on the wedding day, in their wedding dresses, before the wedding ceremony, it would bring bad luck to them. This is all a myth and the truth is that you can spend as much time as you want with your partner and do so whenever you want to do it. Therefore, if you want your partner to be the first person to see you after you have gotten ready for the ceremony, then so it shall be, invite him to your room and let him be the first to tell you how perfect a bride you make.  


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