Wedding Scent for Everlasting Impact 

Wedding Scent for Everlasting Impact

A beautiful fragrance is an important thing for your wedding day. It is something that will trigger your guests’ senses and leave an everlasting impact on them. Often while planning the wedding dress, jewellery, decoration and reception buffet, couples tend to overlook the wedding scent and simply buy any handy or latest scent available in the market. Do not commit this mistake as there are certain do’s and don’ts while choosing a scent for your big day. Read on to find out some valuable tips on how to choose your wedding scent. 

Try out a number of perfumes

From Ralph Lauren to Elie Saab, Paul Smith and Dior, many brands have an exclusive range of perfumes especially for the wedding day. Plan a trip to a departmental store or a perfume store to test and try what scent suits you. Remember your body chemistry affects the way a perfume will finally smell on you. So do not commit the popular blunder of going with a scent used by a celebrity or your best friend. Make sure that you try the perfumes in the day as this is the time when your body releases the maximum odours. Also make sure that whatever scent you finally lay your hands on does not make your fiancé sneeze or remind of a bad memory. It’s best advised to take your partner along with you while shopping your wedding scent.

Match your wedding scent with your wedding theme

For you wedding perfume to leave a memorable and lasting impact on your guests, it is necessary to choose a fragrance that is not only amazing but also matches your wedding theme and style. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding in garden, then choose a scent with roses, lavender or other seasonal flowers. If you’re planning to host a wedding in a hotel ballroom, then opt for bold, musky and warm fragrances. If you find perfumes too mainstream, then you can also use scented body lotion or hair serums with perfumes. 

Wear it right

Last but not the least, no matter how expensive a wedding perfume you purchase, it just won’t work if you do not know how to wear it right. To make it last longer, wear your perfume on important points such as wrists, armpits, behind the ear and knees. Do not rub the body parts on which you have sprayed the perfume. Let the perfume sit, dry and take its time to leave a fragrance that will enchant crowds. Remember, just one spray on these body parts is more than enough. Do not overdo it as you do not want your dress, jewellery and other things to go unnoticed.  

Customize and personalize your wedding scent

From your wedding cake to your dress, gifts and decorations, everything is custom-made for your big day, so why not your wedding scent! You can easily customize your wedding scent by mixing two or more fragrances that you cherish since ever. This would ensure that your wedding fragrance would be one-of-its-kind. Make sure to take the help of a professional while blending in fragrances for your big day. 


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