Wedding Shoe Material Tips 

Wedding Shoe Material Tips

Finding the right shoe for the wedding dress is not a simple task. There are many factors which one has to keep in mind when finding the perfect bridal shoe. Some of those factors include comfort, location of the wedding, material of the shoes, the cost of the shoes, repeat value of the shoes and many other similar factors. A bride needs to keep all of the above factors in mind, and along with them, she also needs to make sure that the shoes look fashionable and classy.

One of the factors which determine the class of a shoe is the material with which the same is made. If the material used for the making of the shoe is not good, the shoe will give a cheap look. Therefore, it is important that the quality of the material used for making the shoe should be good. Besides this, the choice of material of the shoe will also be determined by the material and the style of the wedding dress. The material of the wedding shoe must compliment the wedding dress if the bride. 

Some of the options available in shoe materials for bridal shoes are as follows:

Silk Satin

Silk Satin is the most popular choice amongst the various fabrics for shoes available in the market. The satin sheen texture of these shoes gives them a rich and classy look and makes them a perfect match for most of the wedding dresses. In fact, when planning on buying shoes for the wedding, most of the brides plan on buying silk satin shoes only for themselves. It is only if they are able to find a better design or style in some other material, do they opt for shoes not made of silk satin. Otherwise, silk satin is the first choice of all brides, with respect to the material for their wedding shoes. 


If your wedding dress has a satin bottom, the opting for shoes made from satin would be a good choice, these shoes like a luxurious look and the deep colors like red, velvet, navy, etc., come out really well on this material. These shoes also look perfect on iridescent gowns. 

Other Shoe Materials

The above two choices in shoe fabrics, silk satin and satin are the most traditionally accepted and desired materials. However, now-a-days since the wedding dresses are becoming more modern, therefore, instead of opting for the traditional options, many brides are looking for stylish shoes made from materials which will complement their wedding dress. Some of the options in this regard include the following:

-Shoes made with a metallic or metallic shoes
-Glitter shoes or shoes that are made from glitter
- Vinyl shoes made from vinyl. 

At the end of the day, no matter which fabric you choose for your wedding shoe, make sure that it looks good on your dress and it is comfortable and practical in wear. If you are having an outdoor wedding, then buying satin shoes would not be the right decision, since these shoes will get wet and dirty very fast and end up spoiling your overall look. Hence, make sure your fabric choice is practical as well. 


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