Wedding Stationary Timelines and To Do Who What and Where 

Wedding Stationary Timelines and To Do Who What and Where

Planning for a wedding is not that easy thing to do. Yes, wedding arrangements are similar to arranging for a mega event. There are many things which need to be taken care in a wedding starting from invitation printing, wedding dress selection, hall booking, catering services and many more. Arranging for a wedding event is a tedious job and missing small things are very common. But a perfect wedding is one where even the small items like stationery, wedding invitations are taken with utmost care with responsibility and timeline. 

 important wedding stationery items

Besides the wedding invitations, the other important wedding stationery items which need to be prepared well in advance are the following. 

  • Envelopes for wedding invites – most of the people get the wedding invites, but forget to get the envelopes. Hence arranging for invitation envelope is very important. 

  • Wedding papers – wedding paper wherein the bride writes the entire wedding speech. 

  • Pens and white papers- since a wedding is an informal event you don’t see people carrying pen. Hence make sure that you have a pen with you. 
Weeding is a one-time activity; plan the wedding properly with timeline, such that you don’t miss anything. You can book a wedding planner for arranging all the necessary things for your wedding. By doing this you can have good peace of mind and concentrate more on wedding rather than arrangements. 

Wedding arrangements depends on location and religion

The amount of time spent on wedding arrangements depends on the area and your religion. Yes it’s a fact; a recent survey conducted on the wedding arrangements across the world has stated that the amount of time spent in planning for wedding is more in Asia. The Asians have lot of pre wedding and post wedding rituals unlike the people in Europe and Americans. The Asians plan a lot during wedding; they start off with creating a timeline with their family members on to do, who, what and where? But whereas the western world is very smart, they do the entire wedding planning with wedding planners or the agents. 

Weeding arrangements start with wedding invites

Once both the boy and girl family fix up the wedding date, it is then high time for the family to get cracking with the wedding arrangements. The first thing they do is preparing for the wedding invitation. The main reason for family starting off with wedding stationary like the wedding invites is because that is the first item which tells the external world that a marriage is going to take place in your family. 

Wedding invites need to be timed 

The wedding invites need to be prepared some three to four months before your wedding date. This is because then only you can reach out to all the relatives and friends for inviting them to your wedding. Make sure that the wedding invites distribution happens with perfect timeline. Because most of the families spend a lot of time in distributing the wedding invitation and don’t concentrate on other things. Finally at the last movement you will be pushed to do lot and lot of things. 


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