Wedding Venue Types 

Wedding Venue Types

Weddings are a grand affair and many factors affect the type of wedding a person opts for. Various factors such as the size of guest list, wedding budget, place of marriage, etc. are taken into consideration. In a world of plethora of choices, couples often end up baffled and confused over a wedding venue type that would suit them the best. Here are the wedding venue types a couple can choose from. 

Church hall wedding

While this might not seem like a glamorous option, a church hall wedding would be perfect for the couples who are looking forward to a simple and elegant wedding with limited number of guests. Holding a wedding at church might also have a convenience factor or a sentimental value. However, this wedding venue type is no short of disadvantages. There may be alcohol restrictions, guest limit, parking limit, reception music restriction, etc. 

Hotel ballrooms

Hotel ballrooms are a very popular choice when it comes to a wedding reception. Combining the touch of class, elegance and professionalism, hotels offer an array of wedding services that make hosting a wedding pretty easy. Taking a wedding package at any of your favourite hotels is a practical and convenient decision. Another great plus point is that in a hotel wedding you will easily get the menu of your choice. Depending on the size of the restaurant and the package you opt for, the cost of hosting a wedding may vary considerably. Also, there are decoration limitations in smaller hotels. 

Private home

If you or your family own a huge piece of property, then holding a wedding at your home seems a legitimate and a practical decision. It is a great option for a convenient and a relaxed wedding. It might also hold a special sentimental value for you and your couple. However, there may be noise restrictions, parking limitations and huge costs of cleaning up in such a wedding. 

Beach wedding

If you


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