Weddings in Andhra Pradesh Marked by Value Based Rituals and Customs 

Weddings in Andhra Pradesh Marked by Value Based Rituals and Customs

India is a land defined by its diversities in terms of religions, languages, cultures, cuisines and customs. The special occasions like the wedding offers the fine glimpse of the regional attributes; more particularly the regional cultures including the rituals and customs. The Telegu wedding is a concept in it that is marked by the whole range of marriage specific customs that begin from the time of engagement itself.

The wedding in Andhra Pradesh metros is getting influenced by the modern concepts. These influences are more in the segments of the cuisines and costumes that invite maximum assimilations from other cultures. However, the solemn rituals and traditions have remained buoyant as ever as the religious people of this state are very much passionate about the same. They ensure all of such customs during the wedding of their loved one. Let’s find out the traditional and genre elements of the Telugu marriage.

The pre wedding rituals:

The pre wedding customs are an array here and some are interesting to note! The first significant wedding custom is that of the engagement that is locally called as the nischitartham. The engagement is marked by the exchange of the pleasantries including the costumes and jewelry for the ride and the groom. Food and allied fervor is also offered to be lived by the guests.

Inviting the symbolic value

In every culture, wedding is considered as synonymous with the household responsibilities. The snatakam ritual is done just few hours before the wedding and at the residence of bridegroom. The groom is offered a silver thread that he wears and this confers the right upon the groom to have the higher studies. However, kashi yatra is also an allied adjunct and while the groom pretends that will go to kashi to have the studies and would also abandon the worldly life forever he is convinced that he should tie the knot and become a responsible household person. This ritual also offers a window to tease each other and thus a sort of joyful fervor is built up in the run up to the muhuratam or the auspicious time for the marriage.

Preparing the bride and the groom for the occasion of wedding

While the pre wedding customs work to offer the good traditional start, the wedding is also held in the lap of age old rituals and values that flow through them. The mangal snanam is the pious bath that the bride and groom both take at their residence on the wedding day. It is offered to purify them for the solemn occasion. Aarti is done after the oil is applied to the bride and the groom at the houses. Prayers are chanted during the aarti to shower the goodwill and prosperity over the bride/groom.

The actual wedding is conducted through the kanyadaan and panigrahanam ceremonies that mark the culminations of the Telugu wedding.

The cuisines, as stated above have got all inclusive and now more of the people prefer to have the diversified catering concept. However, the ritual fervor is a manifested attribute and is served throughout the Telegu wedding.


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