What are Big Fat Pregnancy Myths 

What are Big Fat Pregnancy Myths

There are innumerable myths about pregnancy. These can be dealt with in following manner:
  • Myth 1: Exercise Should be Avoided

    It is advisable to do light workout during pregnancy. When the pregnancy is normal, you can continue with activities you did before pregnancy like walking which is healthy and safe and will be beneficial for birth of the baby.
  • Myth 2: Dyeing of hair should be avoided

    During pregnancy, hair can be coloured, as it is considered safe, based on the limited research. A hair dye having light chemical content should be preferred to avoid harmful side effects.
  • Myth 3: You Must Eat for Two

    It may be a advisable to take additional 200 calories over and above prescribed 2000 needed by a women. It will also help to overcome morning sickness. Taking snacks which are healthy will be beneficial.
  • Myth 4: Morning Sickness Happens During the Mornings Only:

    It is noticed that the pregnant women can have vomiting sensation even at the dinner time. Just because it is called morning sickness, it may not happen only during the mornings and it can be experienced at any time of the day.
  • Myth 5: You Should Avoid Air Travel

    The truth about pregnancy is that, it is allowed to travel by air while pregnant, but certain precautions need to be taken care of. You must be covered by travel insurance for pregnancy, you should be aware of airlines’ rules and regulations concerning your condition. You may be required to produce a letter from your midwife if you are beyond 28th week of pregnancy for no risk.
  • Myth 6: You Should Avoid Your Pet Cat

    The handling of your pet cats is permissible but the faeces of the cat should not be touched by pregnant women. It may lead to certain infections which may lead to miscarriage in some cases.
  • Myth 7: You Should Avoid Sex During Pregnancy

    Having sex is permissible during a pregnancy which is considered healthy. The sex and pregnancy may have different effect on different women according to their conditions. It may result in contractions in few women but there is no cause of worrying. 
  • Myth 8: Sex of the Baby Can be Predicted:

    The boy or girl pregnancy myth like baby’s sex can be predicted by the appearance of the bump, hair growth of pregnant woman and the conception date do not have a scientific base. These can be considered as pregnancy wives’ tales only.
  • Myth 9: You Will Have a Feeling Of Happiness and there will be a Glowing Look:

    Several would be mothers have feeling anxiety and stress. Every one of them may not feel glow and there may not be happy feeling due to worries regarding motherhood. In such cases consulting your midwife could be helpful.
  • Myth 10: Hospital is the only Right Place for Child Birth:

    Several pregnant women have a notion that only hospital childbirth is right for them. But, there are number of babies which are born at the house and carried out by qualified attendants from healthcare providers.


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