What does the promise ring actually mean? 

What does the promise ring actually mean?

Promise ring, , responsibility ring, purity ring, pre-wedding band—and many more! There's been a considerable measure of talking around promise rings. What does a promise ring mean? What finger does a promise ring go on? How would you get one, give one, purchase one, return one? 

What Is a Promise Ring? 

The meaning of a promise ring differs between couples; however promise rings are broadly utilized as an image of duty. While numerous couples utilize this ring as an approach to imply a future engagement, others basically wear the ring as a method for reflecting dedication to each other.

As the name recommends, promise rings connote that a promise is being made, however the importance of a promise ring varies from couple to couple. Mostly, it symbolizes an accomplice's affection and responsibility to the relationship. It's more than simply 'dating'— there's a physical image of the relationship to demonstrate the outside world and the rings echoes a developing pattern for couples to cheerfully live together and/or wed sometime down the road. While they may not be prepared or needing to focus on marriage, a promise ring demonstrates that their dedication extends past only sharing bills. 

History of Promise Rings 

Giving a ring as a promise of adoration and affection goes back a few hundred years.  There were Posy rings-named so because there was poem written on them- back in sixteenth century England, while Acrostic rings—spelling a word in gemstones, for instance, a ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst, ruby and precious stone spelling "respect"— were well known in the Georgian and Victorian times. 

It's just in the previous decade that promise rings have turned into a standard pattern, to a great extent because of the celebrities having such rings such as the Jonas siblings and Miley Cyrus. 

The convention of wearing a ring to exhibit loyalty and constancy goes back to old times, as Roman ladies wore engagement rings in the second century BC. The reason they're normally worn on the ring finger of the left hand, is on account of there's a vein that keeps running from that finger to the heart. 

Promise Ring Etiquette 

Despite the fact that it doesn't convey the same level of a wedding band, a promise ring ought not to be dealt with lightly. A promise ring ought to be given after a couple has dated for a quite a sometime—a year or more—to show how genuine you are about the relationship.

As far as style, anything goes with regards to promise rings. Basic subjects incorporate hearts, interweaved outlines to remember the thought of a couple's union, Claddagh rings and Infinity rings, and in addition rings with a mosaic or composite of stones. Wedding bands have such a hallowed nature; promise rings are frequently seen as to a greater degree a design piece. Make sure not to pick a style that may look like a wedding band, if that is your consequent aim. They both fill a need, and you need to ensure they don't appear to be identical—or even close. 

Dissimilar to wedding bands, there are no standards or rules around the amount to spend on promise rings, however it's normally essentially less. There's additionally no set in stone approach to give a promise ring. It doesn't require the same "on twisted knee" convention as wedding bands, and they're regularly given as a birthday, Valentine's or Christmas present

Which finger does it go on? It's altogether up to the person. Promise rings can be worn on any finger or even worn on a chain around the neck. Yet, for the most part promise rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand (if not wedded) or the right hand (if wedded). 


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