What does your wedding gown say about you? 

What does your wedding gown say about you?

Whether you've found the dress or despite everything you're searching for the one, you're wedding outfit can demonstrate more than simply your feeling of design. Discover which dress matches your identity. 

  • A-line 
Your identity: Traditional–you dependably look set up together, yet never over-the-top. 

Your wedding: You will have every components of an exemplary wedding: cloak, roses and, obviously, "something blue." 

  • Ball Gown 
Your identity: Hopelessly romantic—you can hardly wait to see the expression all over when he sees you in your dress. 
Your wedding: Petal-covered path? Check. Horse-drawn get away carriage? Check. Every aspect of a fairy tale wedding has been considered.

  • Fit-and-Flare 
Your identity: Very-energetic and carefree. 

Your wedding: You're about arranging a stunning gathering with extraordinary music, sustenance and stylistic layout. Your visitors won't have any desire to get off the dance floor. 

  • Mermaid 
Your identity: Glam girl–you comprehend what you like and your confidence is totally infectious. 

Your wedding: Your visitors will be in wonder of each beautiful (and sparkly) detail, from over-the-top centrepieces to the eye-getting precious stone chandlers. 

  • Sheath 
Your identity: Calm, cool and collected. 

Your wedding: Understated tastefulness. It takes cautious planning to make things look easy, yet you pull it off consummately. 

  • Pantsuit 
Your identity: You have a solid feeling of style, and you aren't hesitant to conflict with tradition. 

Your wedding: Totally you. You'll most likely have a service at City Hall and after that a personal supper with your dearest loved ones. 

  • Tea-length 
Your identity: You take your motivation from the Audrey Hepburns of the world — notorious ladies who grasp uniqueness. 

Your wedding: Timeless and exquisite, yet at the same time personal — nobody will have the capacity to date your wedding photographs. 

  • Short 
Your identity: A city young lady — you adore the thought of having a dress you can wear again and again. 

Your wedding: Simple, refined and absolutely modern, your wedding will fit the urban setting to tee.


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