What Really Marriage Is and Isnt To Us 

What Really Marriage Is and Isnt To Us

You may fall in love when you are in school or college too and decide to for the whole life together in the bond of marriage. But you may not eliminate all the fears or anxieties of a married life. You may feel that the time clock has stopped for you, the earth has stopped moving, air is unbelievably still and you find no solution to some questions that have made a place in your mind. In such a situation you may find yourself in a dilemma whether is marriage is for you or not or what the marriage really is. Here are a few answers to make you easy.

Know the True Purpose of Marriage

If you define marriage as a tool to make you happy, then the marriage is not for you. You will understand the meaning of marriage when you marry a person to make him/her happy, marry for a family and future children, to raise them, to influence them and be a part of family. The true marriage lies in keeping happy to your partner and be according to his/her hopes and needs as well as dreams. If you are selfish at any stage, you may feel that the marriage is not for you. 

Know the Best Marriage Tips

The best marriage tips if known to you, you may make the best marriage. These are nothing but keep on pouring unconditional love, care and trust. Leave all the pain or anguish caused to you, take the other person in your arm and sooth the soul. It is a universal formula that you will receive more than what you give in love. Never your spouse for cheat for any reason whatsoever. Because, the betrayal of trust may be a horrific blow to your partner and he/she may not overcome it. If you do so, you forget to know the real purpose of marriage.  


All of us have expectations out of our life and you are not the exception. But keep in mind that over expectations from your spouse may be the poison for the relationships. For example, if you wish your partner to live with you alone in the nuclear family and your partner provides you an extended family for a few days, you must learn to adjust. Instead of complaining your partner for not meeting your expectations, you must understand and realise the correct situations. The best advice in this regard is to accept the things that you can


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