What Should A Boy Asks From The Girl At The First Meeting 

What Should A Boy Asks From The Girl At The First Meeting

Wedding is a special occasion of one’s life, for it allows the assimilation of the individual into the society together with his or her soul mate. Also, in the individual life, wedding is a great turning point as the person gets an ally to depend upon during all the good and bad times of life in future. This occasion is therefore of immense significance. In countries like India, where a major part of the society is still conservative, the parents and family members assume the responsibility to ensure a fruitful union. Here arranged marriages are a common fact! The parents seeking the bride for the boy visit the girl’s place/home to have her first look and a general talk. The boy is also permitted to do a conversation with the girl. Ironically, there are many boys who feel confused as what to ask the girl as she shies in front of him! Here are few tips as what a boy could ask from her at the first meeting. 

Read the compatibilities 

This moment is really a definitive one because if the boy is impressed then the process could be taken forward. In the current changed scenario, girl is also allowed to have her say in the relation. The boy tries to find out some more facets of the girl’s life and questions have to be made by him. He knows the name and he knows how she looks. Fundamentally speaking, her voice and accent could offer the best clues about her persona and nature which is otherwise hidden. So as per this theory, the question could be any! Don’t be so bewildered, for what a boy wants to know is actually her nature. So make out any question. You can ask her about her qualifications and subjects, her hobbies and anything else. She would definitely answer objectively; but remember, your mind and heart would be noticing some really fundamental things of real value. The aim of questioning is accomplished! These processes are very much involuntary and the boy never knows as what the mind and heart is reading. Her words may not be important as her accent during the replies. It is not that the girl’s mind and heart does not read these signals and if she likes you then her replies would definitely be more engaging and comforting towards you! It is her way! She may be rejecting you through her harsh replies in blunt formats. Take the clues! 

Questions are just a means!

The above concept negates the objectivity of the questions. However, these objectivities are useful only after you like her; and she also likes you! Her higher qualifications could be only secondary! However, you can go for these & ask her hobbies, life routines, delicacies, her birthday and many more things. But this should not be interrogation type. 

What happens actually is that the boy gets confused as what would be the most suitable question to put up to her and moreover how he would be judging her suitability on the basis of those few questions! Remember that nature has offered niche processes and biochemistries and even eyes could speak better that lips! 

So just have a lighter talk and engage her through common topics! Try to be friendly! 


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