What the Bible Says About Abortion 

What the Bible Says About Abortion

There is great debate over the matter of doing abortion or not. There are different ideas regarding this most controversial subject throughout the world. One hand, contemporary people with scientific thinking process believe that there is no harm in doing abortion. On the other hand, religious people find it against the ethics of their religion. Different religions have different rules and regulations when it comes to getting rid of an unwanted unborn. Are you a Christian? If yes, then you must know what the bible says about abortion.

It Is a Sin

Bible strictly condemns the act of doing abortion. According to the holy book doing this act means killing an unborn. You aren’t supposed to kill someone created by the almighty. You aren’t supposed to destroy of the life of an unborn while you can never be able to give it a life. What the bible says regarding the act of abortion is that it is a sin. It is an act against the philosophy of Christianity. However, many individuals assume that this act is a sin only in Christianity, but it is not true. Almost every religion on the earth planet highly condemns this act and considers it as an act of sin. 

Why It Is Forbidden in Christianity?

It is an obvious question that may come to your mind when you are told not to do abortion. The key reason behind this rule is that bible says the unborn is a living object. It means that the unborn has the attributes of a living person. You aren’t allowed to murder a person. Therefore, doing abortion is nothing else but murdering of an individual. Killing an unborn simply means destroying the relationship between nature and human life. If you want to strengthen your bond with God and nature, you should understand that you can never be authorized to take life of an unborn. Unborn child is nothing else but a future child. 

Unborn Is a Gift of God

Many couples assume that they should get rid of an unborn child, which is likely to come to this world due to their intimacy relationships. But it is nothing else but a wrong practice to continue. This practice must be stopped as soon as possible. The Bible says that you aren’t authorized to take life of an unborn despite of knowing that it is an outcome of your illegal sex relationship. You must obey the rules of nature. In case of not following the rules of nature, you may have to cope with tons of difficulties. Whether you are dealing with a legal or illegal unborn child, you will never allow going with abortion. 

Marriage and Abortion

There is great buzz regarding whether married people can get rid of an unborn or not. According to the bible, doing marriage doesn’t mean that you are authorized to kill someone. Bible says if you love your God and religion, you must avoid doing an act, which is against the nature.


Having thoroughly observed the aforesaid points, it can be concluded that bible never allows going with abortion whether it comes within your wedding problem.


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