What to Do After Engagement 

What to Do After Engagement

Congratulations, your partner has finally managed to gather the courage to pop the big question to you and you are now finally and officially engaged. But for most brides and grooms, once the moment of the proposal dies down, the next phase is quite confusing as they have absolutely no clue what they should be doing. 

Below are a few tips about what you should do post your engagement and before you start with all the wedding preparations. 

Inform Your Friends and Family

The tech savvy world that we live in, our first reaction after having received the proposal is to log on to your Facebook account and change your status to engage. This is not right, since you do not want your co-workers and fitness trainers to be the first ones to find out about your engagement, even before; you are able to deliver the news to your grandfather or parents. In case, your parents find out from someone else that you have said yes for the wedding, it can really shatter their heart and they may feel that you do not love them anymore. You do not want your special moment to get spoiled because of this misunderstanding and therefore, immediately after the proposal, call up everyone special in your life and let them know about your engagement and later update your status on social networking sites. 

Insurance for Your Ring

The engagement rings that are given generally cost a fortune and surely you are extremely careful when you wear them, but accidents do not inform themselves in advance and therefore, there is always the risk of you washing your face and the ring slipping off your finger and going down the wash basin drain. Hence, it is important that you be prepared for any such accident by getting your engagement ring insured as soon as possible. This may not sound like a romantic or exciting thing to do after a proposal, but in life it is important to be practical as well.
Pamper Those Hands of Yours

With the big engagement stone on your finger, everyone will be staring at your hands, therefore, immediately rush to a good saloon and get a very nice manicure done. You do not want to spoil the look of the ring by wearing it on fingers that are not properly groomed. 

Spend Time with Your Partner

Now that you two have committed to spend the rest of your life together, it becomes even more important that the two of you spend some good, quality time together and start discussing life and your future plans in detail. It is important that you are aware of the expectations and desire of your partner and similarly he also knows what you expect from marriage. It is this understanding that will help the two of you in becoming a perfect married couple. 

Plan your finances

Before you take any other decision with respect to your wedding, it is important that you understand yours and your partner


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