What To Do With The Guests That Cannot Control Their Liquor 

What To Do With The Guests That Cannot Control Their Liquor

Weddings are indeed most memorable moments that require planning of all the aspects of it in a very peculiar way and the guests that are invited, do require to accommodate in a very special way, as they are the persons who are very close to you or are in your acquaintances. The catering service takes special consideration of whether the guests are being served in a proper way or not? Starting from the serving of the starters or light snacks, to the food, the guests love to taste every single kind of the preparation available. The discussion here pertains the wedding guests, which are too much drinking and are unable to handle themselves to be taken to the home safely. Here are few key points that may help you a lot in this regard, if the party is predominately arranged for the friends for the joy of alcohol and the wedding of your dear ones.

- The food when served after the liquor, leads to more of alcohol and its misuse. It may ultimately lead to the heavy hitters falling out. So you are strongly advised not to open the bar until the food gets served.

- There must not be any kind of drinks available for the kids and children. The bartenders are previously discussed about this matter.

- The most concerned and striking point is the monitoring of the wedding guests for the amount of alcohol one consumes. The guests with more of the intake can be stopped giving of more liquor to avoid any kind of inconvenience and other related issues. 

- If bartenders watch that any guest is walking toward him while swaying side to side, he needs to start cutting people off. Actually it


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