What Would You Choose for Your Wedding - Sherwanis, Tuxedos or Dhoti Kurta? 

What Would You Choose for Your Wedding - Sherwanis, Tuxedos or Dhoti Kurta?

Indian wedding is a fat extravaganza that speaks through the vibrant icons of culture and cuisine and of course the gaudy attires that show up as best when we look up to the bride and groom. Indian wedding suit for groom is a specialty concept and most want to adore a royal look and feel like a prince who moves out graciously to conquer his queen! Well, you can’t deny such a desire if you are a groom in near prospects or have just been one in the past.


The Royal Sherwani

Royal Sherwani Designs

Sherwani has remained the taste of the grooms in India for centuries and still rules the thoughts and likes of innumerable young men like you and me. The elegance that shows up through a royal sherwani is simply unmatched and makes the groom look distinct and unique in the baraat! Sherwani that is a dress of the nawabs and nizams has evolved with time; courtesy to the fashion designers who have developed fine fusions of the latest fabrics, artworks and color combinations.

Royal Sherwani

The most sought sherwanis by the Indian groom today are therefore the deep hues like the mahogany, blacks and blues; while recently we also find the trend of rich and bright tones such as crimsons and orange that are worked with the golden or silver threadwork to generate a fine luster and appeal! Truly, speaking, sherwani is the number one choice of the grooms of present generation.

However lately, the wedding designer suits for men have also come to include some fusion concepts and the pure western style tuxedo suits!


Dhoti Kurta for Wedding

Dhoti Kurta for Wedding

An interesting phenomenon I would like to share with you is that in the last few years, we are witnessing sort of milieu of cultures here in India. You must have noticed the demand for the icons of the cultures and cuisines, especially during wedding celebrations. Grooms apparels are no exception to this and therefore we find the concept of dhoti kurta that has been a legacy attire of south India, finding appeal in the north Indian weddings.

designer dhoti kurta

Traditional dhoti kurta for groom is now being preferred especially for the summer time weddings in India. The reasons for such choice are many! The first is the royal look which although differs from sherwani, yet offers the supreme cultural outlook for the groom who finds self special and prepared for the pious heavenly ceremony at the vivah mandap. The dhoti kurta appeal found fine resonance at the drawing boards of the fashion designers who are now innovating brilliantly with the colors, textures and styles! You can find a rich and vibrant variety that is specially made for the groom.


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The velvety tuxedos look exotic!

tuxedo suits for Indian Groom

While designer sherwani for wedding is the leading trend presently in India, tuxedo suits have also come up strong; courtesy to the new styles and concepts that fashion designers and firms are turning out in the market. You will find plenty of types and most are available as readymade wedding wear that could customized as per individual fits. The attraction towards these suits builds up because there is swift dynamism in the showcase that constantly acquires the newest trends and styles. The most demanded tuxedos are the velvets in blacks or deep mahogany or purple or dark greens! These are coupled up with white shirts and non velvet slim trousers or pants.


Be Guided by Your Desire and Likes

attires of different Indian sub cultures

The groom Indian wedding dress options are diversifying fast and we find the fusion of the attires of different Indian sub cultures as also the European and American regions, like through tuxedos. You can choose from any of these lively attires to suit your taste and time. Always look up to your choices from you own perspective and feel your inner desires to find the best one!


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