When a Child IS Born As A Result Of Having an Affair 

When a Child IS Born As A Result Of Having an Affair

When you marry someone, you in all your faith and trust in that person. You spend every second of your life trying to make things better and life easier for both of you, and then one day you come to know that your partner has been cheating on you and also has a child out of that affair. This news or knowledge is enough to shatter even the strongest of persons. Life after this realization can become unbearable, but if you want to forgive your partner and give your marriage a second chance, then taking these difficult steps can be a little easier, if you keep the following points in mind. 
Concentrate On Your Marriage And Not The Society

There is a lot of social stigma that is attached to an extramarital affair and to the birth of a child born out of wedlock. If you keep thinking about what the society will say about your partner, your relationship with your partner and the child who has been born out of the affair, you will never be able to move ahead in life and forget the past. You need to block out the voices of the society and only concentrate on what your heart says. If you are able to find the strength in your heart to forgive your partner and accept his or her baby, then you would be able to make the marriage work, or else, it would be better that you parted ways with your partner. 

Always Remember The Child Is Innocent

The circumstances in which the child is born may be wrong, the people who gave birth to the child may also be wrong in having the relationship, but the child itself, is not wrong. The child is as pure and innocent as any child born to any other parent. He or she has made no mistake and therefore, you should be able to feel kindness towards the child at least. Even The Bible says that even the children who are born out of sin, they too are a gift of God and hence need to be loved and cared for. This baby can in fact become the thread which can keep you tied to your partner, in spite of the fact that you no longer feel any love or trust towards him or her. 

Reconcile With The Truth

Many people feel that the best way to deal with such a situation to not face it at all. They start to live their life in a denial mode, where they refuse to acknowledge the fact that they are aware of the fact that their partner was having an affair and now has a child born out of that affair. This is the worst thing that one can do for his or her own self and for his or her family as well. You need to face the truth and learn to live with it. You can decide to either forgive your partner or leave them for good, no matter what your decision, it is important that you accept the truth. 


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