When should a bride apply Mehandi during an event and call the photographer 

When should a bride apply Mehandi during an event and call the photographer

Well, the function of mehandi, where the relatives they get together and celebrate this is indeed a treat to watch.  Most of the times, the mehandi is applied before the event, to prevent the frustration, where, the photographer is called for during the event. Here is a perfect query that when should a bride apply mehandi? And when should I call the photographer so that the dinner and other celebrations go simultaneously.

It’s always recommended to apply the mehandi before hand. Usually the artists take 3-6 hours to apply mehandi. So if you start mehandi during the photography and the gathering, it would be too tedious and exhaustive for you as well, where all would be enjoying, there you would be worring about the overall event, and that too with a perfect photography and the gorgeous mehandi design.  An ideal idea is to get your feet done before the event and the arms during the event. The reason being, the more prettier photographs are usually from the hand and arms section. Moreover, you don’t want to stuck in a chair when everyone else is enjoying themselves. 

The photographer can be called when the one arm is done. This way, he will be around to see you complete the mehendi. If you call him earlier, and he leaves in four hours you may not have shots of your completed mehendi. 

If you have called for an evening event, suppose around 8, then early morning is spared for the part of the mehandi, whereas, the rest of the mehandi can be started around 7 pm so that you finish mehandi by 9.30, which is the ideal time for the dinner.


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