When to Go On Honeymoon 

When to Go On Honeymoon

Usually the newlyweds set out for their honeymoon soon after they tie the wedding knot. They leave the wedding reception venue and stay at some hotel or airport and then proceed to their honeymoon destination. However, these days the bride and the groom do not immediately proceed for their honeymoon after getting married. They wait for few weeks or even up to several months after getting married to start on with their honeymoon vacation. Here we bring to you the merits and de-merits of postponing your honeymoon after the wedding, which will help you in deciding when to go for yours. The honeymoon ideas aim at escaping from the fuzz and celebrations of wedding to a more private destination where you and your partner can enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.

Leaving for Honeymoon Straight away after Wedding

We see in the movies, the newlyweds leave for their honeymoon destination right after their wedding ceremony is over. This option is considered to be the most exciting one as the couple is very much in the mood of festivities. No matter how exciting it may sound, there are few demerits of leaving for honeymoon right away. These include the exhaustion and stress which must have been building up since last few months. Planning for the wedding and the working on the urban honeymoon ideas is a very long journey and might leave the bride and groom completely tired and stressed. If you leave for your honeymoon when you are already exhausted you might not enjoy every bit of it. It can take a toll on your health too. 

Leaving for Honeymoon after Few Days of the Wedding

This is being considered as the best choice among the newly wedded couples these days. By waiting back for a couple of days after wedding, the couple is able to relax and gear up for the honeymoon. This is better for the couples considering the sea/island honeymoon ideas as they can begin their honeymooning in full swing with great energy. The only downside in this option seems to be that by waiting for a couple days the bride and groom might get so engrossed with their honeymoon preparations and other pending chores that they miss spending time with each other.

Postponing the Honeymoon for Several Months

Sometimes it may become indispensible to avoid postponing your honeymoon for several months. Few possible reasons might be unavailability of any of the partner or may be poor weather conditions. Some of the couples might get so engrossed with their wedding planning that they do not get ample time to decide upon their honeymoon planning. Couples with cruises honeymoon ideas also have to postpone their honeymoon vacation depending on the schedule of the cruise booked. Another advantage of this option is that the couple might get some time to stabilize their expenses and readjust their honeymoon budget.

The biggest demerit of postponing the honeymoon for such a long period is that the excitement of being newly wedded might fade away with time. 


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