When to Order Wedding Dress 

When to Order Wedding Dress

There are many things that a bride has to take care of even if she is not managing the arrangements for the wedding. Her own personal shopping list is so extensive that it takes her months in getting her bridal dress, along with the accessories and her wedding trousseau ready. Amongst the many things that a bride has to purchase, the first thing on her wedding shopping list is her wedding dress. It is extremely important that the bride finds the best bridal dress for herself and therefore, this is the first task that a bride must tick off from her to do list. 

9 Months In Advance

It has been suggested that as soon as the date for the wedding is fixed, the bride must start searching for her wedding dress. In some cases, the engagements last for more than a year and in those cases the brides must start the search for their bridal dress, at least a minimum of 9 months in advance. It takes a whole nine months in getting that dream wedding dress ready. 

9 Months before the Wedding

The bride must start looking at the various bridal boutiques in order to find a bridal dress for herself, which is as per her wishes, is of the latest style and also fits in her budget. There are numerous shops and online sites present where one can find some really modern as well as traditional wedding gowns. One would need to devote ample of time to the search in all the markets, in order to be able to find the best bridal outfit. Once you have been able to find the outfit of your dreams, you must immediately make a payment of 50-60% advance and block the dress for yourself. In most of the cases, the design you look at in the shop is only a sample piece and an entirely new bridal outfit will have to be stitched for you. Some of the parts of the dress may be stitched by experts present in different parts of the country or the world and therefore, the boutique may require a time period of 6 months to get the dress ready. In the meanwhile, you can start shopping for the accessories matching this outfit of yours. 

3 Months before the Wedding

This should be the deadline that you must set for the boutique to present you the first look and first fitting of your completed bridal dress. In case, the boutique has not managed to complete the outfit by this time, you would still have ample of time in hand and therefore, there would be no need for you to panic.  

6 To 8 Weeks before the Wedding Day

This is the maximum delay that you can do before taking your first fitting of your dress. Once you have checked you fitting at this time, try to ensure that your weight stays stable from here on, as making changes in the dress now would take time, which you do not have anymore. 

4Th And 2Nd Week before the Wedding

The second and the third fittings must be done in these weeks, in order to ensure that you have the perfect dress. 

2 days before the final day, you can pick your final dress from the boutique. 


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