When to Start Calling Your Fiance or Would be Husbands Parents as Mom and Dad? 

When to Start Calling Your Fiance or Would be Husbands Parents as Mom and Dad?

Question- from one of the bride- when is the ideal time to start calling fiancé’s or would be husbands parents Mum and Dad ? I mean should I wait till the day I get marry? Or just immediately after the roka or engagement ceremony? What is the ideal time?

Answer- That’s rather a tough question, if we have to answer immediately without considering the factors which are most relevant. The survey which was conducted once, could get awkward answers, like as there cannot be the real relation till the day you get marry and really get them as parents- the in law mother and father. Others however oppose and say that the day you get roka, you can any time, according to your comfort zone can start saying this, provided it does ‘not look weird. 

Nevertheless, the ideal time to call them as parents or mummy dady, really depend upon your communication and the times after engagement you meet them. Suddenly if you start saying them as mummy dady, instead of uncle aunty, it looks quite odd.  In addition, if your engagement is year before wedding, we think it’s ok to start doing it after your engagement. 

The best part is you should have different names of your real and in-laws parents. Suppose, if you call your mother as mummy, then say mumma to your mother in law. Similarly for the father or father in –law, so that you don’t feel that weird about it.

Surprisingly, the boys do not seem much fussed about calling them mom and dad sooner. Even they do not feel too weird to say them as that after the rokka, the girls are found to be more hesitant. 

What about your opinion guys and girls?


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