Why First Diwali Is Always Special For Newly Wed Couples? 

Why First Diwali Is Always Special For Newly Wed Couples?

Diwali is a festival of joy, love, prosperity and lights. It is celebrated in its full grandeur in India. Spread through five days, starting from Dhanteras, Narak Chaudas (Choti Diwali), Diwali, Annakoot and finally last one is Bhaidooj each and everyday has its spiritual eminence. If it is your first Diwali celebration post marriage, it calls for a lot more than excitement and nervousness. This is the time to get along with each and every relation created post marriage including family, friends and neighbors.


Well, traditionally in south India first Diwali after marriage is widely known as Thalai and is celebrated at the bride’s house. It starts with early morning rising and taking oil bath followed by wearing gifted clothes by parents and then conducting Puja, presenting gifts and Aashirwad ceremony.


How to celebrate Diwali after marriage is different in North India, Diwali celebrations start right after Dussehra with cleaning of homes, enlightening of houses using Diyas, making a list of gift items with the help of your spouse and then buying them keeping in mind the taste  and preferences of each and every family member, making special sweets and other cuisines, decorating special Rangoli at home and preparing the Puja Thali  and other preparations. Diwali 2019  is on 27th October, Sunday hence only a few days left for the preparations! So, gear-up folks, create memories for lifetime.


Celebrating Diwali with a twist will add more spice to it, so why not observe this Diwali in Eco-friendly way. Well, this is absolutely simple yet responsible way and memories of this type of celebration will last for a life time.


How to celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali?


Celebrating Diwali with all its splendor with more understanding, less pollution and discomfort is our goal.


Diwali Celebration


1. While cleaning our house, many things which are of no further use are usually disposed off to kabadiwala  for petty amount. We can reconsider this and give these away to someone who is less privileged. For them, buying altogether a new product from the market may be an expensive affair, but if they get it in usable condition for free, help them live a better life. This may include electronics, fixtures, clothes, utensils etc.


2. While we buy gifts for our loved ones will it not be a great idea to gift them a live plant? Each time they see a bud, flower or fruit on the plant they will remember you, your intentions and it certainly is extremely environment friendly.


3. Burning of crackers is total fun and adventure. Will it not be a super idea to burn crackers which create less noise and air pollution? This helps old age people, patients, small kids and animals not getting physically and mentally disturbed.


4. Many-a-times, crackers call for a sad story and someone gets hurt including animals. Immediate medical help is sought for our loved ones but, we forget the animals we hurt, this Diwali let’s pledge to help animals who get hurt at the cost of our fun. Refrain burning crackers near animals is such a human thing and one must practice it.


Save Animals From Crackers


This write-up is dedicated to the newly weds who are observing Diwali for the very first time together, so new practices will help our future generations live a better life and happiness of sharing joy is such a divine feeling. Apart from spreading contentment all around; creating a whole lot of love, respect, understanding with each other creates heaven on earth. This is how Indian festivals and traditions have been bridging the gap between generations, distances and hearts.


Shubh Deepawali To All!


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