Winter Wonderland Wedding 

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter is the best consideration for your wedding. It is most romantic and thrilling for newlyweds. Also it is a very alive and excited season to host special days like winter wedding. But some precautions have to be taken to avoid those sneezes and nose aches to avoid cold that can spoil the fun of wedding and ruin the photographs. Also it is important to take care of yourself as you are going to be the centre of attraction for everyone there. Also you can’t be caught sneezing, sniffing and having sore throats while you say your wedding vows. Also you have to make sure that you don’t look like a dehydrated doll pan caked with layers of makeup on your special winter wedding. But believe me winter is worth giving a wedding shot.

Candles help

The first thing to note is that venue of your winter wonderland wedding should be more warm and gentle than sharp and bold. Also go for themed wedding where you choose any soft and warm theme that makes your wedding more special and winter suited. Also you can enhance the warm them by keeping the lights of the wedding arena low, warm and cosy. Also you can have candles all over the arena for light and warmth along with pave shiny table cloths and some seasonal flowers to make the atmosphere brighter. Also you can most romantic and warm wedding even if it is chilling out there. Moreover make sure you have enough warm candles and wood burning in the arena to make guests feel more cosy and warm and if your winter wedding is away from those supermarkets and city spot lights this will give guests along with you a chance to bond their relationship in warm and lovely wedding.

Be hydrated

Also make sure you drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration and dry skin as drinking more water will hydrate your skin to look moist and hydrated and will maintain the natural glow on your big winter wedding day. Also make sure you focus on healthy and natural radiant look for yourself than pan caking yourself with layers of makeup to irritate and rough your skin.

Embrace bold and warm

Also it is your wedding that too in winters so it a wise consideration to go for some heavy warm wedding dress as choice that makes you look stunning and gorgeous along with keeping you warm to avoid sneezing and sniffing and avoid cold. So just avoid those silk and net for a while and take options like cotton sateen, velvet and soft leather that will make you look traditional and keep you warm and cosy during the winter wedding ceremony and make your feel more confident and special. Also keep yourself hydrated and warm by tea is a good option in your wedding as it will do both keep you warm and diet you better for your wedding. Even after all this it is better if you also focus on your diet and food as they will help you a lot to keep those cold and flu out of distance for you.


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