With Romance Dying Buddymoons Are The New Honeymoons 

With Romance Dying Buddymoons Are The New Honeymoons

Is the concept of honeymoons becomes obsolete? Is the romance of spending some alone and quality time with your newlywed husband or wife not attractive enough for the couples getting married today? If you are amongst those who are quick to respond with a no to the above questions, then how would you explain the growing popularity of buddymoons? Yes, more and more are taking their small group of close friends and family members along with them to their honeymoon, thus, converting it into a buddymoon rather than a more intimate honeymoon. 

There are many reasons which have contributed to the popularity of these buddymoons:

Changed Equations Of The Relationships

The couples getting married these days do not like to rush into the decision of marriage and hence prefer to spend a lot of time together with their partners before they actually decide to get married. From going out on dates to even heading off to romantic destinations for a weekend or small vacations, the couples are almost living together as a couple even without actually getting married. As a result, for them the idea of going on a holiday alone is nothing unique or special after marriage. Thus, they decide to take their friends and family along with them, in order to add more fun to the outing. These close friends and family members had worked hard along with the couple to help them plan their wedding and therefore, the vacation is also a way of saying thank you to them for their efforts and giving them also a way for relaxing after all the excitement of the wedding. 

Buddymoons Only For The Rich And The Famous

An ordinary average couple would never be able to afford a buddymoon, since they would have to pay for not just their own travel, stay and other expenses during the holiday, but also for the expenses of all the other friends they take along with them. As a result, this concept, although growing in popularity, is and will continue to stay restricted to the rich and the famous section of the society only. Or maybe in the future, the very nature of the buddymoon changes and the friends start to pay for their expenses, and then maybe, the concept of honeymoon would come under some real threat. However, till then, for common people like you and me, buddymoons is only something that we would continue to read about in magazines, but never get to live it. 

No Challenge To Love

Many people doubt that the growing popularity of the concept of buddymoon is a symbol of the reducing love and romance between the couples today. This is just a myth and romance and love cannot be challenged by any new facet that hits the market. Concepts like buddymoons will keep coming and going, but love and romance between the couple will also stay strong. Had there been no love between the couple, they would never have decided to get married in the first place. Our society has become quite liberal and today you can easily stay in a relationship without marriage for as long as you want, even for a lifetime.


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