Women Keeping Their Maiden Name after Marriage 

Women Keeping Their Maiden Name after Marriage

It is an accepted tradition that women change their maiden name after getting married and take the take of their husbands. However, things have changed slightly in this regard and there are many women who are opting to retain their maiden names even after marriage. Although the number of women opting to retail their maiden name is on the rise, still the society in general expects women to change their name. In fact, there is a special name changing ceremony that happens in certain weddings where the bride takes on the name of the groom. Therefore, for women taking the decision and communicating this decision to the world, that she intends to keep her maiden name, continues to be a tough call. 

Below are a few tips which can help you in announcing this decision of yours to the world. 
Be Mentally Prepared For Opposition

Once you have taken the decision to retain your maiden name even after marriage, you need to be fully convinced in your head that your decision is right and at the same time, you also need to be mentally prepared for facing opposition from many people in your own family, the family of your future husband and the society in general, who would tell you that by taking this decision you are disrespecting the traditions and hence your decision is wrong. You need to be mentally prepared to face these people and stay convinced about your decision. 

Convince Your Husband With Practical Reasons

If you try to convince your future husband or your families about your decision of retaining your maiden name after marriage by citing emotional reasons, no one might be able to understand your point of view. A better approach would be to present them with practical reasons like how it would cause trouble in changing your official documents or problems that it can pose in your current job, etc. With these practical reasons, it would be much easier for you to convince your husband and both the families about your decision. 

Try Using Both Names

You can even consider the option of using both the names, that is your maiden name as well as your husband


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