Wooden Stuffs for Decoration and For Beautifying the Wedding - Get Some Innovative Points in this Regard, Dear Brides 

Wooden Stuffs for Decoration and For Beautifying the Wedding - Get Some Innovative Points in this Regard, Dear Brides

Wedding trends now-a-days are getting more and more urbanized. The trendy slick snazzy urban places along with the rustic elegance, exhibiting – bicycles, wooden boards, step ladders and cute-as-a-button side show pieces are most luring aspects of the decoration. Moreover, the wood, now-a-days has been beautifully designed to décor around the whole set design.  Let’s analyze the best possible ways to use the wood in your wedding to have that ideal push for that-

1. Use wood as floral arrangements- 

For time immemorial, we had been displaying them in vases and in some other ways, which otherwise tend to become quite boring. Replace these floral vases with the wooden vases and the stuffs can be placed into nicely- shaped wardrobes. The wood with its natural beauty and color looks better with the brightest of the flowers. These little alterations actually provide your wedding a classic feel.

2. Window frames/ décor frames, the cute one-

get window frames, decorated with light, flowers and pinwheels according to your taste. Even the little window ledges and sweet window signages owe to great additions to the simpler weddings. You can even opt them for great photo-op.

3. Wooden signages- 

to spread any funny messages for the wedding, you can use funny wooden signages like as all the beautiful gals here and cocktail for all there. To announce the particular issues about the wedding, utilize wooden slates- the rustic!!!! Adding character to the wedding. 

4. Wooden outdoor seating- 

The wooden wedding chairs are as popular as having a priest in the wedding. No one can deny the rustic appearance and the décor of wooden chairs. In addition, these chairs can be colored to match the wedding theme to have that perfect look. The wooden wedding chairs are actually ubiquitous..!!!!

5. Wooden Wedding invites and wedding favors- 

A variety of the wooden favors along with the gifts like as chocolates, honey, herbal teas and much more like this when packed or are provided with the wooden stuff appear rather more gorgeous, in addition to have the memorable gift for your guests. 

6. As bridal jhoola- 

The wooden swings, when decorated with gajra and the mehendi bride appear gorgeous. Throw a good lightening system and click some memories. The endless possibilities for the 
the beautiful moments are rustic. 

7. Wooden photo frames and photo props at picture booths-

To show case the beautiful pics of the bride and groom, these wooden frames work well. In addition, the pre wedding, till the wedding journey can be show cased in the frame. The cute appearance. Moreover, the colored empty frames can be hung. 

Create memories. !!!!!


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