Worthy Ideas for a Kickass Summer Wedding - No More Cribbing About Weather 

Worthy Ideas for a Kickass Summer Wedding - No More Cribbing About Weather

It’s not an easy cup of tea to get marry in summers. The summer is always remembered for its sunny weather and scorching heat. There can be creative ways to relish your wedding in more gorgeous ways if you add some ideas, worthy of the consideration. To chill out more and get the required beauty in the photographs, without sweating, we have right additions for you that can bring charm in the guests by hearing the summer weather…we like it.

1. Specially add coconut water, sodas and juices to the drink menu-

Who does not love juices? The well prepared cocktail, that too pre packaged in the mason jars and displaying them for the incoming guests, with all and sundry enjoying these placed in ice buckets. These hydrating drinks sound chilling out when we try to have them mixed up or with the traditional Indian flavors like as jamun, rose, coconut water, lime. The outdated soda bars, mirinda and dukes can refresh those childhood memories. 

2. Summer special wedding favors-

Convert the melting chocolates or some other favors to the summer special varieties, like as hand fans or the battery operated ones. The Chinese, battery operated ones or the one with extremely traditional Indian hand fans sounds gorgeous. You can specially place them on each table and let your guests’ breath in the fresh air. For oodles of fun, you can place kitchen fans at tables. 

3. Alcoholic ice lollies to the mix-

Everyone loves ice cream, even the alcohol is enjoyed by everyone. You can mix them up and make the lollies with variety of the traditional flavors- like as kala khata, mango, raspberry, let your guests enjoy it.

4. Fruit infused waters- 

Of course, water bottles is mandatory at summer weddings but why not add some drama by giving your guests fruit-infused ones – strawberry, grapes, lime, you name it. Add herbs and chaas to cool it down. The water is flavored and colored one.

5. Offering the guests from the umbrellas and parasols- 

If you save your guests from the scorching heat by offering them umbrellas and parasols, personalized to the wedding theme, they would adore your idea of gorgeous wedding tradition. If the guests do not use them, then you can have valuable addition in the décor. The umbrellas, so gorgeous..!!!!!!

6. Personalized Sunnies are the #Shizz, add in Lungis and Flip-Flops

Personalized gifts on the side are so totally amazing – offer them everything from sunglasses to flip flops placed in a basket. A friend included lungis with Velcro so everyone can wear them in the heat at a Kerala wedding.


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