Yesteryears Bridal Look and Styles - Opt them for becoming Desi Vintage Bride 

Yesteryears Bridal Look and Styles - Opt them for becoming Desi Vintage Bride

The old fashions of yesteryears are coming in forefront. There can’t be deny regarding the fashion and trends that were prevalent once are in vogue now again. Similarly, the brides can opt for these tips for getting the desi vintage look. What’s old actually is new again with a wedding that captures the glamour of the 20’s, showing the energy level of 50’s, whereas, the free spirited vibes of 70’s. 

Try these elements to make it work-

Bridal Outfits-
The brides can opt for her mother’s or mother-in-law’s lehenga into her own wedding attires. Similarly, many of the brides they incorporate some of the family’s marriage trousseau in her shaadi lehenga. Many times, these reception outfits are passed down from one to three generations along with the jewelery. These are the best epitomes of vintage actually. Another lucrative way to look vintage is to re cycle any traditional or old saree or lehenga to have the modern touch.

Designers - Not only does the brides try the old vintage sarees or the outfits, but also the designers, they work on the old world charm too. There are various famous designers- like as Sabyasachi or Anita Dongre- both are appreciated for exquisite craftsmanship. Wearing the blouse with mother’s saree can also be possible with designer’s help. Various designers work for Banarsi too.

Hair styles- The best vintage idea is to have full bridal veil, nothing can be more stunning idea than this.  The veil actually brings gorgeous pics, provided, the veil is of the transparent or the modern typed. The updos of hairs can be fixed using the vintage inspired hair comb. The juda pins would be coming from the back, which can be utilized properly.

Jewellery- The best option in this regard is to have Satlada  from your grandma’s wedding trousseau or your mom’s neck piece that can be doubled as the matha patti !   The nath is the most traditional and the old way to incorporate old jewelry. The perfect advice in this regard is not to polish your old jewelry to get the ornate-y way to get back the vintage look. Besides, the temple jewelry, polka and jadau can be opted for the beautiful charm. 

Makeup and hair- The best way is to think Nargis, Meena kumari and Waheed Rehman. Which are the best epitomes of giving your hair the best touch of vintage flair.  The stunning cat eye liner with sculpted red lips for makeup exhibits the perfect examples of the art work. 

The Hairs, to have the perfect vintage outlook can be curled, and the finger waves with retro rolled hairdos are all real instances.

Decoration- the bolly wood movies can be seen to get the décor ideas, like- the one by- sanjay leela bhansali. Besides, the vows can be hand calligraphed onto your aisle. You can also play around with teacups, birdcages, pearls and lots of pastel shades along with old world charm. These aforementioned reminiscent scrolls are the best epitomes.

Transportation- the Ambassador cars painted in different colors is the best option. Another best way is to come on the carriage to get that whole maharaja vibe. 


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