You ll Never Guess Which Wedding Guests Spend The Most Money 

You ll Never Guess Which Wedding Guests Spend The Most Money

It is usually believed that women spend more money than men when it comes to attend a wedding party. But it is not a complete truth. Recent study shows that most of the men too can spend big bucks more than women. Hence, if you are going to arrange a marriage party, you aren’t supposed to identify the individual with most spending bucks. Do you still have doubts? If yes, then you must keep reading this article based on the title you will never guess which wedding guests spend the most money. 

Men Vs Women Guests 

Before getting into the actual process of knowing about the most extravagant guest at your wedding venue, you first need to confirm whether men spend more or women. Usually, many individuals assume that women may spend more money than a man, but it is not essential every time. Anyone can spend lots of money irrespective of their age, gender and other specifications. Therefore, if you want to get rid of this confusion, you first need to know about the most extravagant men and women guests at your party. 

How They Come

It is quite important point to analyse the transportation of your guests. For instance, if your guest is coming from a different states or even country, he/she is likely to spend more money that all other guests living adjacent to your locality. Therefore, keeping the wedding travel expenses in mind is essential if you really want to detect the actual king in the party. 

What They Have Purchased 

It is another key point that can be analysed to identify the guest with big budget. Therefore, knowing what your guests have bought is important. It doesn’t only mean bringing a gift for you, but it means adding all the expenses originate out of a marriage. It may possible that a guest may come with expensive item to make your happy. Moreover, it is possible that they have already done lots of personal as well as wedding-oriented shopping to rock in the party. Therefore, these points must be kept in mind while recognizing the guest with a bigger-budget. 

Type of Wedding Matters 

There is no doubt that Indian wedding comes with lots of expenses.  Hence, attending the type of wedding also decides the identity of a guest that may spend the most money. You are supposed to know about a right guest on your wedding day unless you observe this point. If it is about attending traditional Indian marriages, guests are likely to spend big bucks on the big day. But if it is about attending a contemporary marriage, there are least chances of spending money on the occasion. 

Is It Possible to Recognize the Person?

No, it is almost impossible to guest which wedding guests will spend the most money on your wedding. Therefore, you are highly advised to leave this idea of recognizing the guest in the party with big budget. But yes, of course, you can still try to guess a wedding guest who has spent big bucks on attending a marriage party. 


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