Your perfect wedding makeup look-A perfect questionnaire with answers from an artist Bridal beauty question 

Your perfect wedding makeup look-A perfect questionnaire with answers from an artist Bridal beauty question

How do I find the perfect makeup look to wear on my wedding day?

Makeup artist answer

There are numerous options available for the bride. Like as a classic red lip make up look or nude lips, super glam Smokey eyes makeup, red lip, and bronzy skin and so on. There can be endless options available for the same. It all depends upon the bride to bride personality type and their desire to be looked like.

As an experienced makeup artist, my suggestion would be to take into consideration 4 important tips & factors:

1. What is your personality?

There can be precisely two types of personalities- one is low maintenance and the second one is the one, willing to have all the trends on the face at the same time. The former category does take into consideration of lip balm and mascara kind of the girls. Whereas, the latter one are those, who want to have more classic look by using most of the type of the fashions available. Actually, following the trend- the less is more is more accepted. While Instagram makeup trends may be popular, wedding photos will last a lifetime. It’s important to match your beauty personality with a makeup look that you will be satisfied with 20 years from now.

2. What kind of makeup look do you wear on a regular basis?

This very question of asking the type of makeup you do regularly, determines the makeup with which you are comfortable in. On the day of your wedding, its mandatory that you must be comfortable with all the kind of stuff that you require to do for your beauty and make up. Your makeup look should not add additional pressure. It’s important that my brides look & feel beautiful and comfortable in the makeup look they choose.

3. Is it a day or evening wedding?

This really does matter. A daytime, outdoor wedding should be a bit softer since you will have the sun lighting up your face. You don’t want to look like you have a ton of makeup piled on. On the other hand, for an evening wedding. Your look can be a bit more glamorous. In most cases, there will be a dimmer light which will allow the makeup artist to apply a bit more color.

4. What season is it?

That’s the important and determining factor which ensures the timing and climate into the consideration. If the temperature is going to be above many degree more Celsius, then obviously, less is more in that case. 

Basically, the type of makeup that would suit you depends upon your keen interest to find out for the wedding. Suppose you want to try something different, then it must be tried before wedding and the pinterest accounts and their pictures must be taken into the consideration. While there are no standard rules, but selection of the type of the dress obviously depend upon which design suits you well. It’s a good starting point to determine what looks you love & what work looks for your big day. Together, you & your makeup professional can come up with a look that is perfect for your face.

Remember, the most important thing about your wedding day is that you enjoy the day with family and friends. Looking and feeling your best while you do so.


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