Your Roka at Hour Home - Dont Worry. Cute Ways to Decor Your Roka at Home 

Your Roka at Hour Home - Dont Worry. Cute Ways to Decor Your Roka at Home

What is to be weared like as should I wear gotta blouse with zardosi lehenga? Further, confirming about the availability of the venue for roka or engagement at five stars. And further you come to know- the roka is at your home.  OMG, what should I do????? A long list of things to do gets started and you get worry about the rokaa decoration at home. Here I tend to elaborate beautiful ways to décor your home-

1. Gold Helium balloons -

The most adorable way to decorate the room is to hang gold helium balloons from the ceiling with a photo of you and your husband to be. Even you can hang you and your family at the end of each string. It’s one of the most elegant installations. Amazon provides dark helium balloons that glow beautifully. Just 50-60 balloons would be fine and that would be costing around 3000 rupees. The cost of ribbon and photo would be extra.

2. Perfect Rustic Indian- 

There can nothing be more beautiful than having Indian traditional décor which provides that rustic touch. All you need is water, earthen pots and the sunflowers. This amazing setup at home is the best way to go for the same. Get around 200 stems of the sunflowers, would be costing around 4-5000 rupees and the earthen pots, you can use existing or can buy online for rs 1500 each.  The price for candle and water would be extra.

3. Decorate with Arabian nights- 

For the Arabian nights kind of the decoration; you need some fancy cushions, a floor rug, lantern and your mom’s sarees and dupattas. The price would be just very nominal, even if you buy it from the market or online. The purple and blue cushion covers for around 700 rupees each, the lanterns at rs 1000 each, whereas, the tea lights, mom dupattas and sarees would be exactly free from the lovely mom. 

4. The flowery Marigold wall- 

The most utilized flowers at weddings and roka are the marigold one and by far these are the cheapest flowers available in the market. When utilizing these flowers, use them liberally all around. And the piece de resistance must be the tiny stage like piece that hosts a flower wall with a diwan in place for the family members. Cool, eh?

5. Classic case- 

Just imagine a neat white sofa and a neat crystal chandelier that you can rent. In addition, the white curtains and a whole lot of fairy colorful lights.

6. Bright colored lamps- 

The colored paper lamps, along with the matching colors of sofa covers and table cloths can have the best pretty roka which would be colored perfectly.


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