Zardosi Belt on Bridal Lehenga - Try Newer Trends Dear Bride 

Zardosi Belt on Bridal Lehenga - Try Newer Trends Dear Bride

There has been numerous trends where the lehenga +anarkali and sari has been the main centre for the brides. What additional can be added to these simpler trends. The gota ring or tassel or even a clean clutcher and now a newer rend called as zardosi /embroidery belt that can be spotted on every bride these days.  Lets discuss all about it that how to wear –

Zardosi belt- 

The belt which is made up of the same cloth and embroidery as your lehenga / anarkali/ saari. The remarkable feature is that it matches your ensamble. 

Where can I buy it? What will it cost me?

The zardosi belt can be purchased at the same place from where you are gonna get your lehenga. Most of the stores offer it. Otherwise you can ask your tailor or your designer to make one for you in the same design.  The cost of this zardosi belt would be like negligible. The boarder of your lehenga can be utilized as the belt. There are variety o the shops which provide variety of the belts you can use with any of your outfits.

Who actually started with this trend??

Well, the sabyasachi started it with. Besides, Anarkali and saris too had these kind of the belts which gave it a nice shape and silhouette to the outfit. 

Would you love to try this newer trend?


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