Zodiac Signs Based Compatibility and Love  

Zodiac Signs Based Compatibility and Love

There are four elements in astrology which include Water, Fire, Earth and Air which is carried by the twelve zodiac signs. One’s personality is described by the element to which one’s zodiac sign belongs and makes certain relationships easier to be built and last for a longer period.

Relationships Based on Same Element:

  • If Both are Fire Signs:
The Sagittarius, Aries and the Leo are Fire signs of the zodiac and denote energy. If the two partners of fire sign are together, they know that actions only matter and they are good at getting the things done.

  • If Both are Earth Signs:
The Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus are Earth signs of the zodiac and denote materialism. If the two spouses of Earth sign are together, they will have partnership with set expectations and goals.

  • If Both are Air Signs:
The Aquarius, Libra and Gemini are Air signs of the zodiac and denote ideas. If the two spouses of Air sign are together, they discuss options and ideas and get to work.

  • If Both are Water Signs:
The Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio are Water signs of the zodiac and denote emotions. If the two spouses of Water sign are together, they may find mutual respect and love. But, relationship can drift away from priorities as the goals are not defined.

Relationships Based on Opposite Element:

  • Air and Fire:
The element which is opposite from each Air sign is Fire. The Air sign holds Fire sign from taking action while Fire sign may expect action from Air sign to take action rather than discussing things over and over.

  • Water and Earth:
The element which is opposite from each Earth sign is Water sign. The Earth sign is logic oriented while Water sign thinks more of pure love between spouses less of the facts which make their relationship beautiful.

Relationships Based on Other Elements:

  • Earth and Fire: 
The persons born under Earth signs are inspiring for the Fire sign, because one's activeness brings results. The Earth-Fire partnership will be durable.

  • Water and Fire:
Every Water sign has the capacity to feel inspired for a Fire sign. The spouses born under Water signs get have desire to know the way Fire sign is taking actions.

  • Air and Earth:
The relationship of Earth-Air spouses would be strong as the Air signs are having good ideas while the Earth signs are action oriented which make it happen.

  • Water and Air :
The Air signs are more into the realm of the theory and do not see a difference between their thinking and their behavior. The Water sign balances emotional aspect with logical aspect of the Air signs.

 The knowledge of one’s zodiac signs positions with one’s houses will enable a better understanding of the spouses’ relationships. The zodiac signs are only a part of total astrological aspect of every relationship and may explain chemistry between two the spouses. But truth is whatever one’s sign may be; only commitment and devotion is needed for a happy marriage.


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